A new İstanbul is established, in the region where you are welcome.

The new Istanbul, growing in the most ground secure seismic belt; welcomes gigantic projects from 3rd Bridge to the 3rd Airport; From Channel İstanbul to North Marmara Railroad Projects. Evvel İstanbul, located in the middle of Başakşehir, the apple of the eye of the new İstanbul, will be developing your life quality to one step further by its wide range of transportation, education, health and social facilities around.


The main features of EVvel İSTANBUL;

  • Through subway investments developed in Basaksehir, transportation shall become fast, easy and confortable. With the subway to be integrated with the Marmaray and Istanbul Subway, the Ataturk Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 3rd Airport to be built newly shall be interconnected.
  • A first time in the world, with its 150 million people capacity, the 3rd Airport will have a big mall , 5 star hotels, commercial office buildings and commercial fair area.
  • The bridge for all the firsts, will have a width of 59 meters and be the widest bridge of the world. With its 1408 meters of main openings it will be the longest drawbridge of the world with a rail system on it.
  • EVvel İstanbul, designed to have a different landscape and colors every season; have various natural beauties and stories filled with evergreen, linden tree, betula, eastern plane, sweetgum, oak and laurel trees. A colorful nature will have walking courses, landscape mini pools, running and bicycle courses, picnic fields, hammocks and comfortable resting areas.


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